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Patricia Jarvis (Fox)

Survived By: Kenneth Fox - husband, Dawn Fox - daughter, Betty Jarvis - mother. Debra Dotson (Dave) - sister, Kevin Jarvis (Penny) - brother. Her father Donald Jarvis preceded here.

This is Dawn writhing on behalf of my mother. I knew the power of Facebook would lead me one day to a site where I could leave a message to my mother's classmates. I wanted to let folks know that mom lost here year and a half battle with cancer. It was never determined the type of cancer she had. They just called it unknown primary, most folks with this diagnosis do not live past 6 months. My mother's will to enjoy life and beat cancer allowed her another whole year. That tenacity twords her beliefs and life is my favorite memory of my mom and I thought others would like to know. She told me many memories of high school and I just wanted to share one with some of those friends. She was cremated and barried in the national cemetery in Sturgis along with other family. She will be forever missed. Thank you,


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